The challenge with
marketing SaaS

The 'new' B2B buying journey (the Dark Funnel)

Launching a successful SaaS digital marketing campaign is no easy feat. The number of SaaS products in market is growing rapidly every day making it harder than ever to compete.

And with the growth of the 'dark funnel' - where most engagement around your digital activities is in platforms that are impossible to track (think Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, podcasts etc) - the traditional approach to digital marketing is no longer relevant.

To compete effectively, you need a new approach to digital that aligns with the 'new' B2B buying journey.

Build demand for your
SaaS product

Get your message in front of target buyers before they're in-market

With the growth of the LinkedIn platform over the last few years, it is now the number one place to get your message in front of B2B buyers but only if you use the right approach.

You may have heard of the industry shift from 'lead generation' to 'demand generation'. In the past, the aim was to get the contact details of your target buyers so your sales team could follow up. In today's world, the aim is to get all the information that shows the value of your product in front of your target buyers BEFORE they share any information with you at all.

The aim with this approach is to get enough messages in front of the right people so they get in touch with you without prompting (which significantly improves the quality of conversations for your sales team).

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Podcast-style interviews

Video content is the KEY to marketing SaaS on LinkedIn

Video is the one of the best ways to engage with your audience on LinkedIn but it's not always easy to produce on a regular schedule. That's why we've developed a 'podcast-style interview' approach where we interview you on Zoom and then splice up the content in different formats for LinkedIn.

The aim with these interviews is to talk to industry challenges, solutions to those challenges, and how your SaaS product helps. We then leverage LinkedIn Ads to get these messages in front of the right audiences so they consume it, engage with it, and share it in their internal company communication channels.

We can also work with any content you already have, although we find that content production capability is where most SaaS companies fall short.

B2B messaging
that connects

Engage with every stakeholder in the Decision Making Unit

At the core of our approach is developing messaging that clearly differentiates your SaaS product, and talks to the biggest pain points your product solves.

We'll help you develop messaging that connects with B2B buyers and build a digital footprint that drives increased engagement with every interaction.

The messaging process is developed for each segment you're targeting, as the pain points and the consideration process is often different for each one.

We also take key messages from your software demo and develop a lateral marketing approach where each message is converted into a post and placed in front of your target buyers with LinkedIn Ads, so they can experience the demo without actually speaking with a sales rep.

Digital asset creation

Leverage our creative studio for high-performance marketing assets

Webprofits has a full creative studio that can support you in the development of landing pages, website assets, static images, videos, and PDFs. And while you don't need to leverage our full design capabilities, they're available when you need them most.

With most engagements, we develop product and/or persona-focussed landing pages to support your demand generation campaigns. And most of the time we're fully responsible for the creative assets developed for your digital marketing campaigns.

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Webprofits is a global digital growth consultancy established in 2006 to help companies drive growth through digital.

We have 80+ performance marketers with specialists in strategy, creative, paid media, SEO, content, copywriting, design, development and project management - everything you need to execute a high-impact digital marketing campaign.

Our US-arm was established in 2016 and specializes in helping SaaS companies build demand for their SaaS product and 10X their demo bookings through the latest innovations in B2B SaaS marketing.


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Head of Growth

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Paid Media Specialist

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Director of Strategy + Innovation

Diana Bacinger

UX Specialist

Ciprian Paraschiv

Lead Designer

Tom Hutton

B2B Copywriter

Nick Mason

Head of Behavioural Marketing

Alex Mason

Digital Analyst

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