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From 10 to 147 Demo Bookings per month in 8 months

Please note that due to a non-disclosure agreement we cannot share the name or industry of this case study.


From $780K to $6.36M ARR in 12 months

Please note that due to a non-disclosure agreement we cannot share the name or industry of this case study.

Monthly Revenue


We grew monthly revenue from $65k to $530k per month in the first 12 months since we started. That’s 715% growth in monthly e-commerce revenue.

New Customers


Since we started we generated nearly 374.3K new customers and revenue of close to $10M ($9.86M) This is a subscription service so the LTV is LOT higher.

Daily Ad Spend


All this is purely Facebook & Instagram ads driven with extensive and constant strategy testing, creative testing and aggressive scaling methods. We scaled the daily budget from $2k to $10k per day profitably.


From 595 to 2,436 leads per month in 5 months

Please note that due to a non-disclosure agreement we cannot share the name or industry of this case study.

impressions generated

18 Million

Over 18 Million impressions generated, to drive top-funnel and engagement.



CPL YTD $46.15 against a goal of $50 CPL

Monthly leads


Volume over 2,436 leads per month (goal 2,000)

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Here are just a few of the companies we've helped...

Do you want to 10X your Demo Bookings?

We're a small but powerful SaaS marketing 'hit squad' that specializes in scaling demo bookings.

You could do it yourself but...


You won't be able to build a team like this

The minimum level of experience of our core team is 10 years EACH. This team is a serious powerhouse that you'll find it difficult to replicate yourself.


You won't have the processes we have developed

This is what we do. And we're good at it. We've spent over a decade refining our processes to be able to deliver the results we've talking about today. You could try but it's no easy feat.


Do you really want the headache of building an inhouse team?

With us, you can get access to our team and scale it up or down as you need. And you won't have the headache of recruitment, retention, training and scale.


You'll need to figure this all out yourself

And we can tell you first hand, that it's HARD. With Web Profits, you get to leverage our experience doing this over and over, every single week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an agency?

We prefer the term ‘hit squad’ because we attack your goal with laser focus and we leave no prisoners. Think of us more as your growth team.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We specialize in helping SaaS companies that have product/market fit, are ready to scale, and have at least 12 months runway.

What do you actually do?

We drive growth using any and all digital channels at our disposal. Most of the time we can make magic happen with just Facebook and Google.

How much does it cost?

It’s not cheap but it’s not as expensive as building this inhouse.

What if I have an inhouse team already?

Then why are you on this page? In all seriousness, we work with inhouse teams all the time, but often time we are more cost-effective that having people in house.

How do you get such powerful results?

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We specialize in scaling SaaS companies and we have an inhouse team of designers, developers and copywriters that can support all the campaigns we need to run (that’s where most companies fail).

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